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The Banda islands are spectacular and remote, due their location in the Banda sea. The crystal clear waters, with their colorful healthy reefs, are on every divers bucket list. This place is home to the Hammerhead shark. The Banda islands, also known as the Spice islands, were famous for their trade in spices, especially nutmeg. The Dutch took control of these islands in the 17th century and many historical remains can be visited. Many adventurous stories are still told around the islands. Follow the old spice trail on board one of our ships in Indonesia. We offer a combination of cultural history and the best diving in the world.

The Banda Sea, once known as the spice trail, can only be visited by ship due to its remote location, still untouched by humans, the waters are rich with life. A treasure of historic stories can be told about these islands. The dutch VOC left their mark and many old fortresses still stand here… an historic adventure off the beaten track for true pioneers.

Spice Islands are best visited in the shoulder season (September – November or February – April).

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Spice Islands


2 Guests
31 m / 101.7 ft
1 Cabin
Phinisi (custom)


10 Guests
42 m / 137.8 ft
5 Cabins
Phinisi (custom)


15 Guests
41 m / 134.5 ft
7 Cabins
Phinisi (custom)


20 Guests
58 m / 190.3 ft
10 Cabins
Kanasashi Heavy Industries

Kudanil Explorer

16 Guests
50 m / 164 ft
8 Cabins
Teraoko Shipyard

Si Datu Bua

6 Guests
40.2 m / 131.9 ft
3 Cabins
Konjo Boat Builders of Ara

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