Swimming with Whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay

7 Days - 6 Nights

A journey that takes you to the home of the most majestic giants of the ocean, the whale shark

Cendrawasih Bay is a national park that consists of coastal and mangrove ecosystems, islands covered with tropical forests and marine waters rich with coral reefs. With its 80 km2 this is the largest marine park in South east Asia. The park is home to a wide range of land and Marine life. Get ready to encounter species such as the Bird of Paradise, Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles, big mammals like Dugongs, Dolphins, Blue Whales and Whale Sharks. Prepare to sail through the most breathtaking and amazing surroundings, while experiencing sumptuous luxury and comfort.

Dream away onboard one of our beautiful yachts in Indonesia. We take you to remote places, in an area that can only be visited by boat. Papua New Guinea, home to the whale sharks, birds of paradise and many more wildlife creatures. Dazzling nature and cultures you have never seen before. Get onboard and let us take you to magical places and become a true pioneer.


Day 1

A domestic flight will bring you to Manokwari. This is a coastal town, and capital of West Papua. The crew will pick you up from the airport and take you to the harbour, were a speedboat will bring you to the ship. After a nice refreshment, a tour around the ship and a short safety briefing from the cruise director you can start your adventure. Cruising through breathtaking scenery while enjoying the luxury and comfort of the beautiful ship. We sail in direction of Biak.


Day 2

In the morning, after a delicious breakfast, we will arrive at Biak. Today we will explore this spectacular island above and below water. Are you ready for some wreck diving? Below the surfaces lie the remains of the WW2 Battle of Bik. Here the Americans attacked the Japanese Forces in WW2. In the depths lie the wrecks of fighter jets and rescue planes, in which breathtaking coral systems have formed over the years. Large schooling fish live. After the dive you can relax on deck and have lunch. After lunch we will cruise to a small but beautiful tropical rainforest, where we can take a hike and look for the Birds of Paradise, a true natural phenomenon. Watch them dance on their favourite tree tops, showing off their colorful feathers. In the afternoon there will be time to cool off with some water activities, such as snorkelling, diving or kayaking. After this wonderful day our chef will serve a delightful dinner prepared with local spices and ingredients.

Purup Island

Day 3

Waking up in the beautiful natural surroundings we find ourselves on Purup Island, an island on the western shores of Cenderawasih bay. In these rich waters we can experience some world class snorkelling and diving. These shallow waters are full of baby sharks and colourful coral reefs with rare marine life species. The reefs are dramatically decorated with great sea fans, Elephant Ear sponges and brightly coloured fish. We will stay here all day. You can either choose to relax or explore the surroundings by speedboat or kayak. There are plenty of exciting diving spots. Enjoy all the sea has to offer.


Day 4

Today we set sail to Kwatisore, which lies on the southern coastline of Cenderawasih Bay. In Kwatisore the Giant Whale Shark can be spotted, sometimes even up to ten species at the same time. They swim around here almost every day. You can really enjoy their presence while snorkelling or diving with them. They are completely harmless and very gentle and calm. An incredible experience you will never forget. Our dive guides will explain their behaviour and tell you the facts of the species. After this exciting experience there is time to relax on board and enjoy another beautiful sunset while sharing the adventures of this day. A sumptuous meal will be served on deck.

Pulau Roon

Day 5

In the morning we arrive at Pulu Roon. Pulau Roon is surrounded by many tiny islets, it hides some of the best kept secrets and is probably the best place on earth to witness majestic marine life. First we will visit a small island Pulau Ripon. The 180 degree view we have of the islands is surreal. Here we can meet and greet Dugongs, Feed Sharks and a great amount of other marine life. The sand atolls of this underwater paradise are highly recommended for a visit. Our next visit is a nice little islet named Pulau Auri, here you will find a great diversity of shallow coral reefs no deeper than 10 meters. This is the place to be for lobsters, sea snakes, many soft corals and sea turtles. We have all day for diving and snorkelling. Take a ride in the speedboat to go dolphin spotting, and end the day, relaxing onboard with sunset cocktails and maybe a delicious lobster meal.


Day 6

Our journey continuous to the middle of Cendrawasih Bay, a tiny gem named Wairundi island is located here. This brings us to unspoiled reefs for impressive diving experiences. This island is also known for its beautiful white sandy beach and incredible bird life. Go on an exploring tour to find brilliant bird species and lush flora. The reefs are covered with coloured rainbow coral and you can find all kinds of interesting small critters here like Coconut crabs and the Pygmy Seahorse. In the afternoon we will prepare a wonderful beach BBQ with cocktails. Enjoy this special evening in paradise.


Day 7

Early morning, the ship lifts anchor and heads back to Manokwari. After breakfast it is time to pack your bags and prepare to disembark. Your luggage will be transported to the airport and depending on your schedule, transfer to the airport will be arranged. Our representative will assist you until you are ready to board your flight.

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