The Raja Ampat experience

7 Days - 6 Nights

The most remote and unspoiled destination in Indonesia

The Raja Ampat is translated as “The Four Kings” and is located at the Northwest tip of New Guinea. The Raja Ampat archipelago consists of over 600, mostly uninhabited, islands. These islands are one of the most bio diverse regions in the world and truly an untouched paradise. Raja Ampat also offers the greatest diversity of marine life, with an astonishing number, and variety, of fish.A real life tropical aquarium. The scenery above water is as stunning as below, with unique flora and fauna and tropical rain forests, rock formations and an amazing array of birds and wildlife.
Get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and enter a true paradise. Look around you and see nothing but iridescent blue waters and pristine white beaches. Put on your goggles and find yourself in a real life tropical aquarium. Explore wildlife and spot extraordinary birds of paradise. Raya Ampat offers this, one of a kind, experience.

Sorong to Batanta

Day 1

A domestic flight from Bali brings you to Sorong airport, where a representative of the yacht will welcome you and assist you with your luggage and escort you to the harbour where we embark. First enjoy a refreshing welcome drink and once you are settled the ship will sail for Batanta, an island located 20 nautical miles off the Papuan coast. Here we can enjoy a first dip in the ocean. There is a beautiful picturesque beach surrounded by tropical forest. Here we have the opportunity for our first dive along the reefs with black tip reef sharks, it feeds off trevally?s and parrot fish. Over drinks and diner we will enjoy a magnificent sunset , during the night we sail to the Wayag islands.


Day 2

This morning you will wake up in Paradise. We will spend the whole day exploring Wayag?s beautiful beaches and islands that pop up from the bright turquoise sea. These beaches in Wayag are the most beautiful we have ever seen, no other beaches on earth can compare to the beaches of Wayag. The seas are so transparent and crystal clear, from the surface you can see the reefs 15 meters below . This is a true paradise for diver. The variety and countless number of colourful fish is nowhere else to be found. Looking from high up in the sky one sees an ocean dotted with hundreds of mushroom islands. In the shallow areas you will see baby Manta?s or sharks playing in the clear waters. A trekking of 20 minutes up the hill to a viewpoint offers a stunning 360-degree view of the Wayag Archipelago. We start our dive at the famous diving spot Figure of Eight, and we will explore more diving spots in the area over the next two days. 

The figure of eight is known for its steep walls where you can look for unique coloured nudibranchs. A big school of sweet lips hangs out under an overhang on one side of the island.

Pulau Sayang

Day 3

After breakfast we sail north to Pulau sayang to visit the turtle hatchery where the eggs of endangered sea turtles are collected, incubated and hatched, after which the baby turtles will be released into the sea. On our way to the island we have a big change to spot dolphins close to our ship, zooming alongside and leaping up across the front of the bow for sheer fun.

When we arrive at Pulau Sayang, there is a beautiful beach to explore, you can dive and snorkel here, or enjoy some water sports, such as kayaking or wake boarding. Ofcourse you can also just relax on a subbed with a good book.
During the night we cruise to Aljui Bay.

Aljui Bay

Day 4

Early morning we arrive in Aljui Bay. First we will enjoy a wonderful breakfast with a view. After breakfast we visit Cendra pearl farm where we learn how pearl oysters are seeded and the complicated process of these jewels of the sea.

We will have lunch onboard and after that we take the tenders to explore the area. The ocean is fringed with mangrove forests teaming with wildlife. We will look for hornbills, parrots, guacamayas, kakatukas, eagles and a wide range of exotic birds.
Get into the kayaks and explore the many mangrove forests, creeks and small inlets and channels. You can watch the corals underneath while kayaking through the crystal clear water. Our dive spot here is Eagle rock.

Eagle rock is a large area and is made up of 3 islets all interconnected underwater. At one end there is a group of deep rocks and boulders that create swim troughs, cracks and crevices where sleeping reef sharks and sleepy harmless woebegone sharks can be found. In between two of the islets is a shallow, barren patch of rock and rubble where reef manta rays like to congregate to feed and clean.

Wofo Islands

Day 5

Early morning we lift anchor at set sail to the nearby Wofo islands, 2 tiny paradise islands with white beaches full of coconut trees. The diving here is magnificent, there is an abundance of multicoloured soft and hard corals, in the shady parts we often spot turtles and baby sharks.
Our lunch will be on the beach, a nice BBQ with fresh catch of the day will be prepared by our chef. Take your time to swim in the tropical warm waters and stroll along the beach. Take a look around the lagoons in a kayak or dinghy for amazing sights and wildlife.

We stay overnight in this secluded place, surrounded by the sounds of the sea and wildlife and a sky full of stars above. Enjoy a diner under the stars and have a good night?s sleep in this calm and tranquil place.

Wofo Black Forest has a deep ridge full of large bushes of black corals, hence the name Woof Black Forest. The shallow reef is beautiful and is covered with large purple soft corals, leather corals and healthy slag horn hard corals. There is a wall where you can look for nudibranchs and even the sleepy, harmless Wobbegong resting on the many ledges.


Day 6

Early morning we arrive in Yenwaupnor, a village in Waiego. We visit one of the most picturesque villages in the region. Here you have the opportunity to trek into the forest and observe the famous Bird of Paradise that only live on a few islands here in this remote are. A local guide will take you on a trekking through the forest toobserve these rare bird species.

The Bird of Paradise are among the most amazing creatures on earth. An extraordinary evolution gave them their dazzling appearance. The males have extravagant plumage and do everything to get the attention of the females, they dance and swirl around the branches of the trees above us.

Here we will also get the unique chance to meet the local inhabitants and learn about their history and culture.
After this leisurely afternoon outside, enjoy a moment of a spa treatment on board of the ship. Witness a marvellous sunset from the upper deck while sipping some cold wine or maybe a cocktail, and get ready for a deliciously prepared dinner.
Around midnight the ship sets sail to return to Sorong.


Day 7

On this final day we return to Sorong Harbour. After breakfast it is time to disembark. The crew will assist you and take you back to the airport.

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