Visit Triton Bay

12 Days - 11 Nights

Triton Bay is a relatively remote area in the eastern region of the Indonesian archipelago. Its remote location means that the marine biology has been left to flourish and thrive, making it an excellent location to explore and dive.

Embarkation In Kaimana

Day 1

We will pick you up from the hotel in Kaimana and
take you to the harbour where our crew will welcome
you onboard of the ship.

Following refreshments and a short tour of the ship,
you will be briefed on safety, diving operations, and
life onboard.

You will be served a delicious lunch and have time to
get acquainted with the ship, set up your dive gear &
cameras, and meet and socialise with the other guests and friendly crew.

We will do a check dive in the area later in the

Triton Bay

Day 2-3

Four hours from Kaimana, we visit the head of the village for
permission to swim with the local whale sharks. This is one of the only places in the world where you can encounter whale sharks all year round. The whale sharks are attracted to the local fishing platforms (bagans) because the fishermen feed them as they
believe they bring good luck.

Larry’s heaven dive site is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places ever and has been given its name by the late Larry Smith. The colors and sheer diversity are truly mind-blowing experiences. Fields of soft coral, thick forests of black coral, sea
fans, and hard corals dominate the reef. Fish, fish, and fish are
everywhere, all kinds and all sizes, true underwater heaven.


Day 4

Five-hour navigation from Triton Bay are the islands
of Namatote and Sagin. Rich with diverse fish life and beautiful hard and soft corals, these islands are great for Soft coral walls teaming with schools of jacks and barracuda, turtles, wondrous octopus, and all kinds of critters make it great diving for both wide-angle and macro enthusiasts. We will manage three dives in this area. Early morning navigation to Momon.


Day 5

Early morning, we arrive at West Papua’s
Momon reef, where we will make three dives on
this large hard coral seamount, which is blessed
with some of the healthiest fish life in the area.

Afternoon we will visit the beautiful Kite Kiti
waterfalls where a freshwater river runs right
into the sea!

Early morning navigation to Pulau Pisang.

Pulau Pisang

Day 6

We lift anchor at sunrise and sail to the island of misool. Take this moment to watch the beautiful scenery passing by while you take your breakfast, sunbathe or daydream in the open air lounge.

In the afternoon, we reach misool and go ashore for a hike to the traditional village of lenmolas. Here you have the extraordinary occasion to meet the local inhabitants and learn about indonesian history and culture.

Besides this village, misool is almost uninhabited. Let the beautiful scenery embrace you as you venture through rich forests and hike around hilly landscapes. As evening approaches, the open air dining area is the perfect place for another breathtaking sunset over misool.

Wayilbatan, Misool

Day 7

The Wayilbatan area offers impressive dive sites with a remarkable range of marine diversity and topography.

At the Wedding Cake dive site, schools of batfish, trevallies, barracuda, and pygmy seahorses congregate.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to take in the scenic landscapes with some kayaking and paddle boarding amongst the most spectacular hidden lagoons in the region.

The Four Kings dive site comprises four underwater pinnacles covered in soft coral and colourful tunicates. You can swim from one rock to the
next, enjoying the soft corals, psychedelic colours, and abundant fish life. Be sure to look out for turtles here.

Possible night dive in this area.

Warokaraket, Misool

Day 8

Shadow Reef, also known as Magic Mountain, is one of the top-rated diving sites in Raja Ampat. An off-shore pinnacle with a long and narrow ridge, schools of bannerfish, pyramid butterfly, and yellow snappers can be seen cavorting on top of the ridge, persistently stalked by giant trevallies, orange-spotted jacks & longnose emperors.

The ridge goes progressively down, with yellowtail barracudas patrolling
the upper sector and white tip and grey reef sharks found nestled under the large coral tables. At the end of the peninsular is a cleaning station
where oceanic manta rays come to be cleaned from parasites by wrasse and other reef fish.

Boo Rock or Jamur Boo is known for the “windows” or rounded openings on the end of the largest rock that completely pierce the reef from the surface to five meters deep.

Although the two rocks appear separate from the surface, they are, in fact, connected underwater by a magnificent reef draped in such corals
and brimming with fish. Reef sharks, parrotfish, surgeonfish, schooling batfish, fusiliers, snappers, and moray eels are all found here, as well as a wide variety of nudibranchs, unicornfish, octopus and green turtles.

Yellit Kecil’s (while sharing all of the attributes of its neighboring sites) main characteristic is a large number of Nembrotha nudibranchs that can be observed on the ridge.

Kepulauan Penyu Islands

Day 9

In the early morning, we will take short navigation to dive the Fiabacet area where colourful corals and beautiful sea fans smother the reefs. A deep underwater ridge connects the islands of Boo in the East, to Kalig in the West.

In certain areas, the ridge moves up shallower to form the most unforgettable dive sites in the park. These include Batu Kecil (also known as Tank Rock), Nudi Rock, and Whale Rock.

Here you will find one of the most extensive reef systems in Raja Ampat, offering a fantastic range of marine diversity. You can expect to see abundant and healthy fish life, a galore of pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, colorful anemones, and reef sharks.

Daram, Misool

Day 10

Andiamo is a large, stunning reef with a submerged pinnacle covered in sea fans and surrounded by schools of fusiliers and batfish.

Blacktip reef sharks and napoleon wrasse can also be found here.

The Candy Store, named so as the first divers to explore this reef felt like kids in a candy store, is covered in huge sponges, beautiful corals and sea fans. In the valleys, schools of fusiliers, butterflyfish, and barracuda gather.


Day 11

Schools of platax, snapper, and bump head parrotfish can be found at No Contest and Love Potion dive sites, including barracudas and jacks surrounding the pinnacles. You will spend
the afternoon in the hidden lagoon, a very special anchorage inside a narrow bay enclosed by towering rocks.

We will take the dinghies to explore another lagoon located further into the rocks, and as night falls, you will see and hear the magnificent Palm Cockatoos roosting along the rainforest edges.

Late in the afternoon, we will depart North and set sail for an overnight cruise

Calico Jack - Yacht Charter Indonesia - Luxury Boat Rental Classic Phinisi Sails 2

Disembarkation in Sorong

Day 12

After breakfast and the last exchange of photos and
memories, the crew and Calico Jack will say our fondest farewell and transport you either to your hotel or airport.

We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

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