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With so many beautiful unknown places and more then 17 thousand islands, the Indonesian archipelago is an area to explore. A vast number of these islands can only be visited by charter yacht. For when you really want a remote and special holiday: we provide unforgettable lifetime experiences aboard private and luxury yacht charters, rental in Indonesia! For the global experience visit us on:


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Spectacular sites to visit by charter yacht. Indonesia’s best include UNESCO world heritage sites. From the jetset to submersion in nature’s biodiversity. Discover the hidden gems of Yacht Charter Indonesia Private & Luxury Yacht Rental and explore the breathtaking beauty of these exclusive destinations.

Indonesia offers a great diversity of marine life, dive sites, and water sport opportunities. With a coastline of over 54,720 km and more than 18,110 islands, the country is a perfect place to explore by boat. Our experienced charter specialists will guide you through the best dive sites, snorkeling spots, and water sports activities.

Fine dining and relaxation are also essential parts of the yacht chartering experience. Our yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens and experienced chefs, who will prepare gourmet meals for you, using fresh local ingredients. You can dine on deck, enjoying the beautiful views, or in the comfort of the salon, savoring the flavors of Indonesian and international cuisine.

On land, Indonesia offers diverse culture and stunning landscapes. With Yacht Charter Indonesia, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region and discover the beauty and culture of the country. The best way to explore the traditional villages, experience the local way of life, and natural wonders is by boat, discovering the Bora Bora-like beaches, lush rainforests and active volcano island. Don’t wait any longer, book your dream yacht charter.

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Every yacht has its own facilities for its guests to enjoy. Here are some of the favourite yacht charter activities. Let us know if you seek a yacht for a special activity.

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